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Our Vision

To be a supplier of choice for crop protection solutions, consistently and sustainably delivering effective, reliable products and advice to our stakeholders - farmers, through a highly professional Sales Technical team with a countrywide distribution network

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From sowing to harvest, we provide complete crop protection solutions for farmers; pre and post-harvest need.
Our products include maize, soybean, pasture and vegetables Adjuvants, Herbicides Fungicides, Foliar Fertilizers,
Insecticides, Gardeninng aswell as household pesticides (Efeckto Products)

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Our Focus

Empowering Farmers & Agro-Dealers through capacity building by training agrochemical users & dealers on proper use of crop protection inputs, which is critical in:
1. Ensuring increased production of high quality     crops.
2. Safeguarding the health & safety of consumers & the environment